Buying and Maintaining Your Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are a fantastic addition to your deck or patio. They add colors, comfort and style to the outdoor space. The market is deluged with good-looking and long lasting rugs which look as good as indoor rugs. It is due to this reason that the buyers are overwhelmed and cannot make the right choice. Given here areTo add an extra spice into a room atmosphere, carpet tiles are simply the best choice for you. Sometimes this type of carpeting is preferred over traditional carpets due to beauty offered by the sectional carpet squares. Availability, comfort, styles, design patterns, colors and easy to install are only few qualities that make this type of tiling an ideal choice for your home or office.

Beauty And Elegance At Its Best

Carpets and rugs are meant for those who love to add beauty and warmth to their places. White area rug is widely used due to their accommodation with almost any room or color. White colored area rugs can really make your room shine like an armor. A rug can easily be used to give a definition or feeling of separation of certain areas in a room. It is essential to use rugs wisely as if you use two same sized rugs in your room, then this can give room half cut feeling visually.

Versatility to Your Place

Carpet tiles provide you almost endless possibilities to add extra ambiance to your home or office. With these tiles you can say that only the skies are limit.

cute outdoor rugs

These tiles are uniformly constructed in squares of 18 x 18 inches in size. You would love to hear that, you can buy these commercial carpet tiles with adhesive and non-adhesive backs. 

Advantages of Installing Carpet Tiles

Adhesive tiles are also known as peel and stick carpet tiles. These extraordinary tiles have lot to offer you in terms of style and comfort, which can be summarized as following.

They are very easy to install and replace. This means you have to simply select the color of your choice, take off protective back sheeting and simply stick it to the surface. On the contrary, worn out tiles can easily be replaced by the new ones.

Also economical compared with the rolling carpets. 

Available in different sizes, colors, styles and thickness as well.  

Environmental friendly versions are also available. 

Floor carpet tiles enable you to create carper runner or rug area in your home or office with utter comfort and ease.

You can install these tiles on your own. This means you save money in terms of not hiring a professional to accomplish this task for you. 

Some Useful Tips

Don’t try to install them on to the already installed tiles. It is good to remove pre-installed first and then you are ready to install these tiles.

You can install these tiles on already laminated, hardwood or tiled surface without any problem.

In order to give a sleek and subtle look to your surface, install these tiles in a straight manner.

You can use floor roller over these tiles in order to remove or liberate the underneath air. This will help you achieve consistent surface with strong grip to the floor.

These tiles can expand or contract a bit with the changes in environment. So to make them acclimatize, put these tiles in that room where you are willing to install.

As a final word, you can say that carpet tiles can really give your place a big boost with their extravagant colors, thickness and styles. So what you’re waiting for? Get up and buy these wonderful tiles for you or even for your loved ones.  certain pointers that you need to consider.

Should Withstand Harsh Weather and UV Rays: 

You should buy outdoor rugs with UV protection. As these rugs are exposed to the direct sunlight and rain and harsh weather conditions they are vulnerable and are likely to wear over a long period of time. If you want your outdoor area rugs to last longer, you should buy rugs that are tagged as “UV resistant.”

Do Not Need Thorough Cleaning Always 

Sometimes your outdoor patio rugs need only spot cleaning so you do need to hire a professional for that and only a good shaking is enough. However, if you want a more precise cleaning, you can hang the rug up and hose it off before you place it back on its position. 

Should Be 100% Polypropylene

Do not forget to check the label of 100% polypropylene when buying the rugs. Also, they should be resistant to mold and fading. If the rugs that you have purchased are resistant to the harsh weather, synthetic and long lasting, they can be used for indoors spaces as well in the high-traffic zones

Prefer Buying Machine-Made Rugs 

Machine-made rugs are preferred because they are lighter in weight, get dried faster and are a better option for outdoor areas whereas handmade rugs can hold more water and remain damp for a long time. To be certain of the quality, you can check out the lowes outdoor rugs since the store is more specialized in this category.

best quality white area rug


You can make your rug slip-resistant by adding a mesh pad beneath it. Also, by adding a pad you can also make it appear thicker than actually it is. 

Determine The Size Of The Rug 

While buying an outdoor rug, you should determine its size. If it is to be placed in any seating areas, the size of the rug should be such that all the front legs of the furniture should be placed on it

White Area Rug Is A Good Investment

Buying white area rugs is a good investment as it can be placed in as a center piece in the rooms. People prefer buying these rugs because these rugs go well with almost all the color themes. Not only this, the rug adds a feeling of coziness in the rooms and can be used on all kinds of flooring whether wood or concrete. So, all those who want to give a boost to their home décor, choose to buy white area rugs. 

These outdoor rugs are available in various attractive designs and bold colors. But, you should always take care to buy the rugs which are UV protected. To unleash your creativity and adorn your indoor space, buying white area rugs is a good idea. If you maintain them and clean them at regular intervals, they will last for a long time and give you the best value for your money.