White Area Rug to Beautify Your Room

Using white area rug to decorate your home and lend it a specific character has been in vogue for some time now. The area rug is usually used to highlight a certain portion of your room like a coffee table arrangement and lend it a cozy character.

Modern Black And White Area Rug

Area rugs are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, but white area rug is perhaps the best choice as white color fits in to any color arrangement that is found in a particular room. Especially if the room doesn’t get enough sunlight, rugs with white background help to enliven the room and make it look brighter. They can be laid on any type of floorings, be it wood or concrete and they are very soft and cozy to walk upon.

Round White Shag Area Rug

How to choose

  • While choosing a white area rug, the size of the rug is to be considered first. For instance if you are looking for an area rug to sit under your coffee table, make sure that the area covered by the rug sits under the entire area and is spread a few inches outside.  The same idea is to be applied for the dining table arrangement, as well.  Pull the entire chair from the dining table so that it reveals the exact area required for a person to pull the chair and sit on it. Measure the entire area with a tape or a scale and then order for the right size.
  • Area rugs with white background are available in various designs and motifs starting from the more traditional motif of flowers and ornate designs to geometric patterns. Nowadays, modern households prefer the geometric motifs that add a zing to the interior design of the room. Different color combinations and different designs express in different ways the mood and character of the room.


Large White Area Rug For Living Room

Different patterns

  • Black and white area rug: Black and white are the most primary colors and they make excellent patters on the floor. If the room is too much crowded with furniture and fixtures, black and white color can balance the entire setting and make it look less clumsy. Various geometric patterns are available to choose from and one that fits in exactly to the mood of the room. This color combination also reflects the personality of the owner of the house as a no nonsense attitude and a knack for the very basic in designs and color patterns.
  • White shag area rug: Though these shag area rugs remind one of the olden days, the tradition has been recently revived that fits in very well with the modern idea of decorating your room.
  • Red and White area rug: The red and white colors have a distinctive appeal and it lends a flamboyant touch to the decoration of the room. It goes very well with rose wood furniture and other accessories that are equally colorful. The room would look vibrant and one never gets bored or depressed in such an ambience.


Terra Kiss Rectangle Red and White Area Rug

The perfect rug

White area rug is a nice choice to decorate your room and lend it an opulent character. Whichever color you prefer, there is always one perfect rug that will match your personal style and preference.